"Creating A Vision..."

Hangar71.com is a showcase of work from the creative mind of photographer and aviation technology aficionado Tyler Rogoway. Originally inspired by seeing Howard Hughes’s massive flying boat, the Spruce Goose , as a toddler, aviation has played a central role in his life ever since. From cockpits to countermeasures, Tyler has spent over 20 years learning everything there is to know about cutting edge aerospace and military technology.

Photography has also been a driving force in Tyler’s life since a very early age. He grew up being the official photographer on family trips and other events, experimenting with different techniques on his Dad’s Canon gear. In high school Tyler took to photography classes shooting a fully manual Pentax-Honeywell camera and developing 35mm film by hand, eventually becoming the head yearbook and newspaper photographer and even helped teach photography class towards the end of his high school career. After graduating college and selling a business he created Tyler finally had time to fully embrace photography again, this time in the digital age and with a laser like focused on the subjects he loves, that being aircraft and the magic of flight.

Tyler began shooting regularly at his local airfield, Portland International Airport. Located along the banks of the mighty Columbia River and at the base of the majestic Cascade Mountain Range. This spectacular and challenging shooting location provided an incredible canvas for which he could perfect his art.

Over the years Tyler has become known for creating uniquely dramatic and epic award winning images under the most demanding and harsh conditions. While most aviation photographers pack up their gear when the clouds roll in, he is just getting warmed up. Further, Tyler is also known for consistently producing many innovative and striking shots from a single event, always taking full advantage of the opportunities or assignments he is given. While shooting in the field he is constantly dreaming up totally unique perspectives, lighting angles and creative methods for which to capture the essence of an aircraft and the intensity and mood of a moment in time. He will do whatever it takes and go wherever he needs to get the perfect shot. Above and beyond is his subject matter and it’s also his motto.

Tyler has shot all over the United States with different military units, private aviation enterprises and individual aircraft owners. There is one thing that can be guaranteed when working with Tyler Rogoway and Hangar71 Aviation Photo Works for your photographic needs, he won’t just take pictures, he will create a vision totally unique to the customer’s needs.

Peer Testimonials via flckr (username Vector1771):

  • MulesAFpilot says:
  • "I feel bad that it has taken me this long to write a testimonial about a guy that I consider a friend in photography. Ty dedicates himself to the art of aviation photography in way rarely seen. Nearly every day he has new photos. He doesn't just get the "typical" aviation shots either. Ty strives to bring a new angle, new ideas, or a new perspective to the world of aviation photography. I have met Ty and enjoyed the conversation. He isn't only knowledgeable when it comes to photography, but also about the aircraft that he is "shooting". Keep up the great work Ty, and I always am looking forward to what you shoot next."
  • 27th May, 2010

  • Champion Air Photos says:
  • "For the perfect photo to come to fruition, so many elements must fit together perfectly. Most of the time, when this happens, there is a tremendous amount of chance involved, even for seasoned photographers. What is remarkable about Ty's work is the consistency of such perfect images. The wealth of beauty he's produced suggests more than just a conscientious photographer, but a true master who intuitively knows how to bring as many elements together to leave as little to chance as possible. Ty is not a planespotter. Rather than recording images of individual airframes, his work is representative of the indescribable things that excite us about flight. We all lavish lots of praise to one another on flickr, but the work here is worthy of much more recognition than flickr can afford."
  • 11th February, 2010

  • UnleashedPhotography says:
  • "Vector has to be one of the best "crappy weather photographers" out there. He also does very well in good conditions too tthough. After seeing his wet weather condensation shots, I started to give it a try, and hope to be able to start getting some of those awesome wet shots myself. If there is bad weather, and an airplane, he'll get it to look great."
  • 4th November, 2009

  • airwolfhound says:
  • "Tyler is without doubt one of the better aviation photographers posting on flickr today. His shots are always outstanding and he always makes good from the opportunities he receives. A true master at work, I always enjoy looking at his phtostream."
  • 13th September, 2009

  • F/Depth Photography says:
  • "Ty shoots some of the most creative aviations images out there! He is always pressing the limits and breaking boundaries. He can consistently "catch the beacon", be it literally or in the ability to capture the perfect second of the event. I love his foul weather stuff, and am constantly on the look out for new uploads."
  • 15th August, 2009

  • joe_stremph says:
  • "The coolest thing about Ty is that when others are packing up their gear because some clouds have come in or because the sun has dipped below the horizon, he's just getting warmed up. The way he can push his gear (and there's nothing remarkable about his set-up) to the limits under sub-optimal conditions and produce crisp images packed with drama and, dare I say, gravitas is nothing short of remarkable. A lot of us aviation photographers are just airplane geeks with big lenses. Ty is an artist, light is his medium, and airplanes just happen to be what he points his lens at the most."
  • 2nd March, 2009

  • Ken's Aviation says:
  • "I was checkin' out Ty's testimonials and realized I HADN'T LEFT ONE! Thought I had. Some of the best damn aircraft shots on flickr. I've definitely faved more of Ty's shots than of any other photographer. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK!"
  • 17th February, 2009

  • Avsfan2006 says:
  • "Vector1771 has a great eye for aviation photography. He has taken and posted some of the best aviation photos I have ever seen. The one thing that amazes me is how his love of aviation photography has spilled over to his knowledge of military aircraft and their associated weapons and systems. Keep up the great work!"
  • 4th August, 2008

  • Eagle Driver Wanted says:
  • "vector1771 has given me tip on setting's and different thing's I just wanted to thank you !"
  • 6th August, 2008

  • xnir says:
  • "One of the most talented aviation photographers out there.
  • with a unique knowledge in the filed.
  • Vector is a great photographer!"
  • 11th April, 2008

  • RegAviationQueen says:
  • "Vector's airline/airport photos are good enough to appear in magazines. I am really impressed with his work.
  • Benet Wilson
  • Aviation Daily/Aviation Week
  • Towers and Tarmacs blog"
  • 30th December, 2007

  • planephotoman says:
  • "Vector1771 contacted me because of my Flickr site. He is a local who came across my pics. We finally met up one day and he hasn't stopped talking about the inner workings of aircraft since! He got hooked on Flickr immediately. I enjoy the mind to pick and the person to talk to while waiting for those Eagles and airliners to land. I just want to add that since I discovered vector1771, I will take a 50% of all income generated from his Flickr site...
  • Thanks Man - Really!"
  • 28th June, 2007

  • Capwatts86 says:
  • ""Vector1771" always manages to captivate the mind and soul with his images and words that go along... He constantly "re-invents the wheel" which leads to unbelievable feats of photography... it has been a pleasure viewing his work and conversing over subjects... I truly look forward to his work, knowing that each is in its own right, astonishing, keep up the good work my friend!!!"
  • 28th June, 2007

  • clearskyphotography.com - Kris Klop says:
  • "vector1771 is one of the most knowledgeable people in flickr regarding military aviation systems. I enjoy watching the progression of his photographic skills. Keep up the great work. I look forward to checking your photostream each time I log into flickr."
  • 17th May, 2007

  • MHphotoworks says:
  • "Vector1771 is an unbelievably knowledgeable person regarding military aviation. While I, like most, tend to have a basic, surface knowledge of several dozen aircraft, Vector1771's knowledge runs very deep, beyond the aircraft as a whole, and all the way into the components that make up the bird. I am constantly impressed with the information he provides when commenting on my photos, especially regarding variants of the aircraft, and particularly, his knowledge of avionics packages pertaining to those variants. He is an asset to Flickr, and I highly recommend him as a contact!"
  • 16th April, 2007

  • justinls says:
  • "he always manages to find great places to shoot his camera off... it seems like there's never a bad shot for this guy. I'm constantly checking flickr to see the new photos he uploads"
  • 6th April, 2007